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Allergies - How Do We Stop It?

We all know what it’s like to have an itch that just won’t go away – it can be a real pain! And the more we scratch it, the itchier it gets – red, inflamed and sometimes we break the skin too. Our pet...
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Obesity: The difference a 'little bit extra' makes!

We’ve all been guilty of overindulging when it comes to eating - and when we’ve overdone it, out come the scales and calorie counter! Pets can also feel the effects of having a little bit extra aroun...
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Cat Urinary Problems, and What To Do!

My cat has started frequently going to his litter box, but not much is coming out and I’m starting to get concerned – what does this mean? This means that you need to take him to the ...
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Common Household Poisons

It always amazes us to see what animals find tasty! Whether it’s a cat eating ear plugs, or a dog eating smelly garlic, we see it all. Many common items in our households are surprisingly p...
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How to Stay Safe from Snakes

Now that the sun is finally out, and the weather is starting to warm, our slithery friends are coming out of hibernation! Unfortunately, snake bites are more common than you think. Snake bites can bec...
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Patient of the Month!

The handsome Stitch is this month's Star of the Month! Stitch had come in for his routine desexing, but we found he had only 1 testicle had dropped, this is a condition known as Cryptorchidism. ...
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Need a Holiday?

If you're going on holiday without your pets, you can leave them in the safe, caring (and extra cuddles!) arms of Dr Pete, Siena, Sam & Diana. We offer boarding to a select number of cats and ...
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Our Gnashers Program!

Our newest initiative is to help you keep on top of your pet's dental health - a HUGE part of keeping their body healthy! Our Happy Teeth Lifetime Program is a once off program that saves you $$$ ...
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Special Delivery!

Did you know you can get your pets worm and flea treatment delivered to your door? Our Annual Wellness Plan includes your pet's annual vaccine, heartworm, intestinal worming, flea treatment and mu...
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