How to Stay Safe from Snakes

Now that the sun is finally out, and the weather is starting to warm, our slithery friends are coming out of hibernation!
Unfortunately, snake bites are more common than you think. Snake bites can become fatal if not treated quickly, it could only take 15 minutes to start seeing the effects of snake venom take place!

Here is what to do if you suspect your pet has been bitten by a snake:

- Get to the vet straight away!!! The effects of venom an take place very fast, so we need to get to a vet as soon as possible. Call our clinic straight away so we can prepare for your arrival.
- Keep your pet as quiet as possible. The more your pet moves around, the quicker the venom gets absorbed around the body!
- Even if you’re unsure if your pet got bitten, or you can’t find a bite mark, better to be safe than sorry! Bring them straight to us! Some bite marks are harder to find than others, even the smallest bite can be extremely fatal. Even if they weren’t bitten, it will give you a peace of mind that your pet is safe.
-Do NOT attempt to catch or kill the snake! Our scaley friends are a protected native species, and an important part of our ecosystem. You will also be putting yourself in danger as well!
Snake bite treatment can be very expensive, as well as a very traumatic experience for both pet and owner. Here are some tips on how to avoid snakes and potential snake bites:
-Avoid long grass, swamp or sandy areas, as these are some of the favourite places snakes like to hide! Take caution when taking walks around the beach, bushland, or water-bodied areas.
- If you do encounter one of our slithery friends, do not panic and slowly back away to a safe distance, keep your pet on a short lead. Snakes will only attack if they feel threatened, usually they don’t want anything to do with us!
- At home, keep your cats inside or prevent them from wandering around. Mow your lawn to keep the grass short, and try to get rid of/block any potential hiding places in your backyard, such as wood piles.
- Enter your dog in a training course to ‘avoid snakes’. Lots of dog trainers around WA are offering courses to train your dog on how to avoid snakes! This will help your dog detect if that stick at the park really is a stick, or if it’s something a bit more dangerous! This is a course we highly recommend, as it could potentially save your pets life.

Stay safe this summer!