Need a Holiday?

If you're going on holiday without your pets, you can leave them in the safe, caring (and extra cuddles!) arms of Dr Pete, Siena, Sam & Diana. We offer boarding to a select number of cats and small dogs to give you peace of mind that they will get far too many cuddles, lots of attention and vet care quickly, should they become ill in any way.

Our clients in the past have loved knowing that not only was their pet having a holiday, the added knowledge that qualified Vet Nurses were the ones taking care of them meant that they could relax on theirs.

Whether it's long term or short term boarding, we offer a select number small dogs and cats a place in our boarding area - not only does this minimise stress for the animal, but it also means that we can look after them well and focus on their care.

To find out more about Boarding your pet with us, you can call us on 9206 1919. You can find more information on our page as well by clicking here.