Our Gnashers Program!

Our newest initiative is to help you keep on top of your pet's dental health - a HUGE part of keeping their body healthy! Our Happy Teeth Lifetime Program is a once off program that saves you $$$ on your pet's dental care for life!

Dog and Cat teeth are an essential part of their overal health - poor teeth health = poor animal health.

Calculus and Tartar build up on our pet's teeth, which traps bacteria under the gum line. That lovely bacteria makes its way into the blood stream and starts circulating around the body to the heart, kidney and liver..

After awhile, your pet starts feeling pretty rotten from the impact that has on their body. 

A Dental Scale and Polish removes all that tartar and calculus, and removes all the bacteria sitting in the gum pockets! To find out more about the essential role dental halth plays, have a look at our Dental Health page.

Bu we go one step further - give us a call on 9206 1919 to find out about our Happy Teeth Lifetime Program. A one-off payment will give your pet a lifetime of health benefit when it comes to their gnashers, and will help your hip pocket immensely!