Patient of the Month!

The handsome Stitch is this month's Star of the Month!

Stitch had come in for his routine desexing, but we found he had only 1 testicle had dropped, this is a condition known as Cryptorchidism.
If this condition is left too long, then the testicle that is still stuck in his abdomen can become cancerous!

We found Stitch's undescended testicle stuck in his abdomen, and it was very abnormal looking. We sent the testicle off to the lab to make sure it hadn't turned into something dangerous, and lucky for Stitch, the results came back as non-cancerous!

While Stitch was recovering from his surgery, we were "Puppy-sitting" him, as his mum couldn't supervise him at work. He definitely deserved all the cuddles, love, and treats from the CVH nurses during his little holiday at the clinic!

Stitch has now fully recovered from his surgery, and is back home with his mum and fur-siblings. Such a pleasure to look after this little munchkin!