Special Delivery!

Did you know you can get your pets worm and flea treatment delivered to your door? Our Annual Wellness Plan includes your pet's annual vaccine, heartworm, intestinal worming, flea treatment and much more.... for $$$ less!

We have had rave reviews about our new Annual Wellness Plan, with pet owners finding it easy, convenient and stress-free receiving their pets' worm and flea treatment to their door every month.

As soon as they receive it, they give it to their pet - hey presto! Total coverage until their next dose is due!

Not only is the Annual Wellness Plan convenient, it also saves pet owners $$$ on their pet's annual preventatives, whcih include vaccine, heartworm, intestinal worming, flea and tick prevention - all neatly bundled into a cost effective package for you.

Our Premium package also gives you discounts on consults and other services, 4 free nail trims or anal gland expressions/year, a free 6 monthly wellness checkup and ongoing discounts on other products, as well as premium and easy-to-give worm and flea treatment.

You can find out more by clicking here, or call us on 9206 1919!