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Orthopaedic | Dr Peter Kirkpatrick | Caryn Vet Hospital

Orthopaedic surgery encompasses any surgery that is related to bones or joints. It includes procedures such as fracture repairs, ligament repairs and spinal surgery to name a few. 

Our veterinarians’ high level of expertise, experience and our practice’s fully equipped surgical suite allows us to perform all orthopaedic surgical procedures that your pet may require. These may include:

  • Cranial cruciate ligament repair Extra Capsula Repair
  • Cranial cruciate ligament repair Tibial Tuberosity Advancement Repair (TTA)
  • Luxating Patella Repair Ridgestop Technique
  • Luxating Patella Repair Trochlear Groove Deepening
  • Fracture (broken bone) repair
  • Amputations for severe injuries or bone cancer cases


Our comprehensive and personal after care package also ensures you have peace of mind as your pet recovers from this major surgery easily, pain-free and with the most up-to-date post-op information and treatment.

If your dog or cat has experienced a joint related injury, or has required surgery, they may benefit from Stem Cell Therapy.

Complicated orthopaedic cases, such as spinal surgery, will need to be referred to a specialist orthopaedic surgeon. Our veterinarians will assess each case individually and provide the best advice for you and your pet.