Vet Payment Help

Emergencies and sudden illness are part of owning a pet, but sometimes when they happen quickly it puts extra stress on your finances.

At Caryn Vet Hospital, we know that our clients and community members want to provide the best healthcare for their pet, especially when they are in pain or unwell.

If your pet requires healthcare and your need payment help for Vet bills, Caryn Vet Hospital have partnered with Vetpay to give you the option to pay your pet's Vet bill of over time.

To find out more about whether you qualify for Vetpay support, their terms and conditions, and to pre-approve your pet for vetpay finance support, go to .




Please note, Caryn Vet Hospital cannot offer in-house accounts to clients. Vetpay are an external Vet financial assistance supplier who we have partnered with to give our clients an account option.